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Jewellery Conditions of Entry & Sales


  1. Entry forms must be submitted online no later than Sunday 30th of June 2024. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If it is not possible to submit an entry online, please request a form and send via mail.
  2. An entry fee is payable as per the Fees and Commissions Section of this website.
  3. Jewellery Exhibitors may enter up to 50 pieces. When entering large quantities or oversized pieces, please notify the Jewellery Co-ordinator prior to submitting your entry form. The number of pieces on display by each Jewellery Exhibitor will correlate with the available space and will be displayed at the discretion of the Jewellery Boutique Coordinators.
  4. Acceptance of entries and display of exhibits shall be at the sole discretion of DACE’s Jewellery Boutique Coordinators, who reserve the right to refuse any entry or to display an exhibit.
  5. DELIVERY: Delivery is on Saturday 13th July 2024 between 12pm & 2pm, and Sunday 14th July 2024 between 10am & 12pm. Please deliver entries to the DACE Craft Gallery, Derinya Primary School, cnr Overport Road & Derinya Drive, Frankston South. LATE DELIVERIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  6. All exhibits must be individually labelled (with price and code) and a Jewellery Boutique Inventory Form must be completed and delivered with all entries. UNLABELLED WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  7. Entry fees are payable online via Gallery 247. Credit and Debit cards from Mastercard or Visa are accepted. NO OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED.
  8. The DACE Committee shall retain a commission of the selling value of any exhibit sold, including any orders placed during or as a result of the Exhibition. The rate of Commission is stated in the Fees and Commissions Section of the website.
  9. All proceeds from sales go to the Derinya Primary School Council.
  10. Jewellery Exhibitors should refer to the Key Dates Section of this website for details of when they will be paid.
  11. Delivery and pick-up (including mailing) of all Jewellery Boutique exhibits (including display cases, etc) is at no cost to DACE or Derinya Primary School.
  12. The DACE Committee will exercise all possible care in handling the works submitted. Derinya Primary School has supplementary insurance to cover the exhibits whilst in the possession of the DACE Committee; from delivery Saturday 13th of July 2024 until pick-up Sunday 21st of July 2024.
  13. COLLECTION: The Jewellery Exhibitor or his/her authorised agent, must collect any unsold works including large items on Sunday 21st July 2024 between 5pm - 7pm or by prior arrangement. No responsibility will be taken by DACE or the school for items not collected by the stated pick-up time.
  14. Only items that have been handmade by the artist will be eligible for the Jewellery Awards. The Judges’ decisions will be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.
  15. Jewellery Exhibitors are required to complete in Gallery 247 details of their Taxation Status: GST Category and ABN (if relevant).
  16. The Jewellery Exhibitor shall permit multi-media advertising relating to their entries as specified below:
    The Artist gives permission to The Derinya Art & Craft Exhibition (including committee & staff members), herein referred to as “DACE”, to take photographs of the artwork the Artist has supplied to DACE and use the resulting images for publications relating to DACE.
    Permission extends to DACE using the negatives and images from these photographs (including any photographs you may have supplied) for marketing or publicity purposes including, but not limited to, advertising, catalogues, flyers or website.
    If the Artist wishes DACE to discontinue using the images of my artwork they must advise DACE in writing. The Artist understands that any images being used for that current year of advertising/marketing may not be removed immediately (ie: publications current at the time of revocation of permission will need to expire or run their course and will then be removed as requested).

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